Bespoke Packaging

When researching bespoke manufacturing you may forget bespoke¬†packaging too, when thinking about your brand and what you want it to say to the consumer packaging plays an important role. Many manufacturers may give you a list of pre designed items to use that can also be found used by other brands, is this what you want your brand to say? At 7Active we offer a full bespoke packaging design from swing tag, how you want to attach it to polybag. One of our brands, who create women’s gym and yoga wear, use a hair bobble to attach their swing-tags! Genius idea considering their entire range is geared towards women.

Another brand we work with has ethical sourcing and recycling at it’s heart, for him we created recycled zip lock polybags and customised swing tags for his bespoke packaging.

gold seal sample

When designing swing tickets for your bespoke packaging there a few things to bare in mind:

  • Your audience: who is your demographic, if you’re creating a children’s wear brand the colours/imagery should be geared towards them however realistically the wording should be geared towards adults as ultimately that’s who is making the purchase. It’s important to have a defined demographic, if you try and please everyone you’ll ultimately put off your target consumer.
  • What is your garment: if your item is a specific piece for sports then maybe explain that on the ticket, it’s your final chance to sell an item before the customer makes their choice. Explain the benefits of the item, why it’s better than its competitor.
  • Show off your brand name: It’s synonymous with high end brands and household names that when you see the packaging you know where the item has come from, this is called making your consumer brand aware. Easily identifiable packing makes the consumer remember, it makes interesting purchases will which only improve your brands word of mouth.
  • Include contact info: Your item could be a gift? It may be the first time someone has purchased your brand? Make sure that if the customer wants to find you again, that they can

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