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We are seeing a rise in popularity on the high street of ethical sportswear and ecological – conscious sports and clothing brands.

The very nature of most technical sportswear is that the materials themselves are ‘performance’ in some way. Most commonly this will be fabrics with wicking properties; when the material itself is made from very small tubes which actually drawn the moisture away from your body. This means you are kept cool and dry when exercising.

Wicking fabrics are man-made polyester, which means they can not be organic. This means all polyester fabrics are man made- poly means polymer- it’s essentially a plastic.

For bespoke sportswear orders we mill the fabrics from scratch and have been developing a large range of available fibre blends using recycled polyester. The include performance wicking smooth polyesters for T shirts, vests and polo shirts, as well as poly-alastne stretch for sports bras, shorts and leggings. We have also created recycled PET polyester ripstop for running jackets and double-layer shorts. 

recycled polyester sportswear

For custom cotton leisurewear such as hoodies, sweatshirts and joggers we can use 100% organic cotton loopback. This is similar to standard sweat material, however it is not fluffy fleece-lined like traditional items, this is because the fluffy effect is only achievable when you brush the polyester fibres in the material. Instead, it is created by using hundreds of tiny loops on the reverse of the material; this gives it a heavy-weight, warm feel.

We can also use merino wool for some items. Merino wool is natural material with a premium feel for sportswear fabrics. This can be used for premium cycle wear and also in circular knit items such as T shirts, base layers and leggings.

In terms of freight to the UK we can put the items on boats which dramatically reduces the carbon footprint of your ethical sportswear order. This is also more cost-effective.

ethical sportswear uk

All of our factories are BSCI audited, which ensures fair wages & working conditions, no child labour, no forced labour and fair hours with adequate breaks and working hours. We regularly visit all of our Far East manufacturing units to ensure all of the factories we partner with have the most up to date machinery, advances techniques and fabrics as well as happy staff!

Contact us to today to discuss how we can help you create eco friendly sportswear, leisurewear or retail ranges. Our in-house design team and  garment technologists can advise on the most suitable fabrics and techniques for your project.

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