Key trends to consider when planning your A/W18 collection

A/W 18/19 see’s 3 key trends pushing through:

Opportunity Knocks – This trend sees niche sportswear bands opening out into new markets, be that millennials or simply a wider marketplace. A great example of this is North Face, their items are now increasingly popular with the fashion community and bridging the gap between function and fashion.

Perpetual Emotion –  PE sees increasing positivity in an increasingly negative world. It inspires customers to do everything they’ve dreamed without compromising on style, explore the boundaries of their environment using key trend pieces with added functionality.

Infinite Act – Corporate responsibility comes to the forefront of this trend. seeing a huge influx or sustainable sourcing. New innovative textiles made from recyclables have been brought in by brands such as Adidas and Under Armour. This entire range below has been manufactured by 7Active for Sundried using recycled PET bottles, which is an incredible example of how this trend can easily fit into the market.

This A/W colour palette key trends is warm toned with berries, greens and deep warming oranges being at the forefront. Warm almost jewel tones mixed with pops of burnt orange, which seems to have become an AW staples for many years. Forresty greens can be seen mixing with berry tones and neutrals in intricate patterns on sublimation, taking inspiration from Japanese influences.  The below Pantones are a real reflection of these key trends,



Again 5 textile key trends are coming through for A/W 18:

Sensory – Functionality in fabrics, creating softer sensory appeal on fabrics that push performance limits.

Allegiance – Meshing both natural fibres with advances synthetics to create performance enhanced garments with the functionality of nation fibres

Myriad – New lightweight, low impact items that aim to be generational key pieces

Paragon  – Luxury items aimed at high usages, with new technologies to decrease signs of wear and tear

Transmutation – Adaptable fabric and trims, one item that can morph for various climates

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