How To: Keep Manufacturing Costs Low

When designing a range plan for bespoke manufacture your imagination and inspiration may run away with you however here are some secrets to keeping costs low:

  1. Multi use of fabrics – When designing take into consideration what items could use the same fabrics? Could the sports bra and leggings be form the same fabric? Could you maybe do the same fabric for a vest, polo and T-shirt? Plan your ranges taking fabrics into consideration, you can have then dyed differently to create the appearance of a bigger range but realistically from a production point of view it’s less swatching, dipping, testing and overall simpler production so lower costing.
  2. Freight Options – When needing to keep costs low sea freight is always the best option, this may take longer however if the ranges are planned with the shipment time taken into consideration then this will be no problem and make your freight inexpensive.
  3. Higher Volume – More items means lower unit costs, this is very standard across manufacture. Techniques such as circular knit (seamless) are amazing value per item however because of the amount of time and work needed to set up the machinery the minimums are higher. When thinking about costing maybe keep the ranges smaller but the volume higher, this can often be the most effective way of keeping costs low.
  4. Details/Logo Placement – Everyone wants their items branded, it’s what makes your items commercially viable however consider costs when designing. Branded elastic is a brilliant branding technique that can help to keep costs low, many brands have caught onto this and it makes the brand of the item worn VERY visible even across a busy gym/arena/workspace. Another low cost solution is heat pressing, a small logo (Postage stamp to credit card size) can be inexpensively added to items without bombarding consumers with print. A brand we manufacture for, Boudavida, is a perfect example of this.
  5. Far East Manufacture – Although EU production may be quicker it will often be vastly more expensive per unit than Far East manufacture, and realistically if your production is planned correctly this is of course the better option to keep costs low. At 7Active we have incredible relationships with our production managers at our factories meaning you will never have to deal with the actual factories yourself , we handle all of this for you!

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