PPE Medical Supplies

With the COVID-19 pandemic now a huge global concern, we’ve stepped up our efforts to help with production & supply.

In response to the growing global demand and a number of high-profile requests from clients, our procurement team have worked day and night to ensure that we have a certified supply of the following:

+ FFP2 (N95/KN95) Face Masks
+ FFP3 (K99/KN99) Face Masks
+ Face Screens
+ Goggles

+ Disposable Aprons
+ Hazmat Suits
+ Isolation Tents

We are presently working with National Health Trusts, home care & care-home companies (as well as companies & corporations) to help supplement their diminishing level of supplies at this time.

All products are from medically-certified factories, with orders shipped directly to ensure authenticity.

As we’re sure you can imagine, supply & price is heavily unstable as the world is buying these heavily important products from a number of limited factories across the world.

Our team is, as always, on the ground working directly with factories. This means there is no middle man element, ensuring you get the best prices for the quantities you require. Furthermore, all compliant certification is correct and can be relied upon. Our full list of products available can be viewed by downloading our brochure here:


In terms of logistics, all of our pandemic medical supplies can be shipped globally via DHL.


As a business, we must act quickly to ensure delivery, low costs and to guarantee supply due to the unprecedented demand of these products. Please do not hesitate to get back to us if you are interested.

Fill in your details to get in touch with our specialists, or for a more rapid line of enquiry, call the team on 01905 748806.

    The 7Active Team