The Sample Process: Design, Develop, Deliver

Here we walk you through the fail safe ‘3 Step’ sample process that 7Active has carefully developed after years of working with retailers and brands. This ensures that your garments are retail ready and of the highest possible quality.

Client Consultation

7active has a team of experienced account managers with years of experience in buying retail ranges, bespoke clothing manufacture, custom sportswear production and fashion marketing. We collaborate with the client to fully understand the exact requirements and specification needed for the bespoke clothing to be manufactured. It is also in this stage to suggest the most suitable fabrics, trims, decoration and shipment method to ensure the project is within budget and will hit any delivery deadlines. Most importantly, we work together to make sure the items are unique to you and the best possible quality available.

Design & Develop

The design department at 7active includes fully trained garment technologists, designers and merchandisers. This dedicated team can create your designs from scratch. Once the initial designs have been signed off then patterns, size scales and tech packs are created. These are completely exclusive to you. At this stage we would also produce fabric and trim swatches to select from.

Sample Process

Once you have approved these designs we would go to first fit sample. The sample would be made from a similar fabric type (could be a different colour but would be as close as possible in terms of  make-up / stretch / weight etc). This would take between 2-4 weeks depending on how quickly we can source a very similar material.

first fit sample

Upon the arrival of the first fit sample we would meet to go through any amendments needed. We then go to second fit sample (same process above) and repeat until you are 100% happy with the fit. There will not be any decoration on the fit samples. When the final fit sample has been approved we produce a full size set to be signed off.

size set sample

After the size set has been approved we go to ‘Red Sell’ Samples. This is essentially the prototype that the factory work from. This would be in the exact fabric with the correct decoration, trims, labels and swing tickets for final approval.

red seal sample

After all has been approved we then take one final sample- the ‘Gold Seal’ from bulk. This is used to ensure the quality matches the Red Seal. We make four of these; one for you, one for us, one for the factory manager and one for our quality control officer.

gold seal sample


During production our overseas merchandisers and quality control officers will use this Gold Seal sample to ensure the garments are identical. All of the garments will be completely retail ready at this stage with inner neck print, woven labels, swing tickets, poly bags and barcoding if required.


Depending on lead time and budget we can organise air freight or sea freight to the UK. Once the garments have arrived in our warehouse we will do a random spot check once again with our Gold Seal sample before we deliver to you, or plain cover to your customer.

Customer Satisfaction

Our aim is to create long-lasting relationships with our customers based on trust. We offer a honest service with a totally transparent order process, inducing the sample process. This may not be the quickest route, however our main aim is to create high-quality products. We offer direct manufacture from our own factories in the Far East which means unbeatable prices and ultimate control.

Please feel free to contact us directly via to discuss your project with one of our friendly team.


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