Seamless Sportswear

Seamless gymwear has become a real heavy hitter over the past couple of years with brands such as Gymshark paving the way with innovative styles and clever marketing.

You can easily access stock seamless items to add your logo or branding to, however if this isn’t for you 7Active can help you create a bespoke range of seamless gymwear and baselayers.

Why would you want seamless gymwear over normal Cut/Make/Trim? Seamless manufacture is far quicker than standard CMT with the majority of the detail programmed into the knit before production, thousands of metres of circular knit can be done a day meaning the cost can be less than a traditional CMT item. Seamless items can have branding, logos and colour changes programmed in to give a sleek and modern appearance.  You can programme in the appearance of panelling and add contours to flatter the wearer. The below images are perfect examples of how seamless sportswear can have subtle or bold patterns, how your branding can be added in and how to achieve the appearance of panelling.

Seamless also has the benefit of being able to be dual sized e.g. Small/Medium and Large/XLarge, because the production and fabric production is simpler than traditional CMT the MOQ for seamless is higher, usually 1000 per size. This however gives you better cost per unit and the opportunity to do more complex patterns that wouldn’t be achievable with orders of 500 in a traditional garment.

To find out more about seamless manufacture email to talk to one of our account managers and discuss the process.

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